Who we are

Create the future

We are all in this world to grow. We are all here to evolve and expand but not all of us have the right conditions to flourish and thrive. Doroob exists to create a future of empowered leaders by investing in the talented, the gifted and the creative. By nurturing those who are poor in resources but rich in potential

The next generation is the greatest asset for the future and Doroob is a regional endowment company that serves education & learning. We are non-profitable business that recognizes the need to invest in human capital, with a heart felt commitment towards making a positive impact. Our ultimate goal is to empower children and be the means by which they navigate their way to collectively creating a new future. One that is rich in gifted minds that are in service of the greater good.

What we do

Empowering leaders

Our future depends on the next generation so that’s where we put all our attention. On the gifted and talented children who can go on to create a positive impact and be role models in the world. We work in the field of community and social awareness to raise the level of education for all in the community. From building state of the art facilities and supporting those in need, to spearheading creativity and providing scholarships, we manage, develop and realize endowment projects that educate and empower future leaders. 

Our Philosophy

Pass on the legacy

Our commitment to people and the community is our commitment to gifted children around the globe. Although we’re a non-profit, we operate as a real business investment, with the mindset of an investor. Our hope is to pass on our legacy to the next generation, handing down our values and serving humanity for the benefit of all beings.


Create positive impact everywhere

Doroob continues to realize its mission; empowering children to create a positive impact. Everyday. Everywhere.

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Our Great Friends

Al Qabas International School

Dar Al Thikr Schools

Design For Change

Humanitarian Aid & Development Organization Kenya Chapter

Huda Integrated School in Kenya

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Dr. Adel 


People behind Doroob

Solafa Batterjee


To Touch the Life of 2.2 Billion Children through Compassionate Empathy

Mohammed AlJaldi

Real Estate & Investment Manager

Seeking the Pleasure of Allah by Showing Excellence in both Deed and Action Towards Others

Hussam Kaki

Ignite Centers Manager

Activating the Capabilities of Young Generations and Promoting the Approach and the Philosophy of Continuous Improvement

Gatada Bashir

DOROOB Operational Manager

To Contribute in Making Doroob a Platform for Empowering Leaders of Positive Change in their Societies

Nesreen Ikramy

Human Capital Professional & Office Support

Life is Short. Live it with LOVE. PEACE. POSITIVITY (L.P.P.)

Mohammed AlQurashi

Government Relations Officer

To Leave a Legacy of Positive Impact in Society through Education

Yousef Attash

Senior Accountant

To reach to Renaissance through Education

Asmaa Ali

Creative Communication Executive

Living Passionately in the world of Possibilities

Bushra Zagnoon


Stay Positive and Good Things Will Happen

Our Values

What we stand for


There’s a difference between working and serving. Between earning money and creating opportunity. It takes courage and stamina and a deep commitment to make a lasting impact on the lives of others. Especially when it’s children. We plant the seeds, water them, tend to them and watch them grow but it’s no quick win. There’s no instant gratification and reward. To realize our vision we have to be compelled by it, and have the patience and dedication to stand strong. Working with deprived communities and disadvantaged children is tough. It’s not always pretty but, with endurance and commitment, we can spread our story throughout the world and serve humanity on a global scale.


See beyond. Look beyond the barriers and the boundaries and send your energy there. We have to be capable of seeing a future. Of creating new possibility and continuously working towards that. Education is a long-term investment and it might take a number of years before we see the outcome, so imagination is a powerful tool. One that enables us to envision what we can create, empowering others and inspiring them to design a better future.


We can’t do this alone. Connection is one of the core principles of our work, so we connect with other non-profits, private companies, experts and friends. We build partnerships that are in service of the creative and gifted students we support, and their families. We cultivate relationships where everyone benefits but where everyone has a shared responsibility. Whether that means a one-to-one situation, working as part of a team or breaking down hierarchical structures. We operate on a basis of trust.

Organic growth

When you create the right conditions, human potential is unbounded. Our capabilities are often beyond our wildest expectations and we believe that our gifts should be recognized, nurtured and given the right opportunity to truly flourish. Organic growth is the foundation on which we support our creative and gifted students but it’s also how we approach our relationships and business strategy. We allow people to lead and release their potential into the world. That means our stakeholders are left to do their jobs and the thread of empowerment that defines us, continues to unite us.

Creativity and innovation

These are the tools that create value, that set us apart and that drive us to keep sharpening the way we think and act. Creativity is central to our mindset, our systems, operations, resources, strategy and approach. We exist to encourage creativity in the most gifted children and that has to be reflected in the way we work. Design thinking is one of our key tactics and we draw upon this as a method for planning and development.


To listen is one of the greatest acts of generosity. Empathy is how we understand each other, the students and families we work with, our partners, investors and supporters. In order to read the needs of our children and communicate with them effectively, we have to be in their shoes. We have to see the world with their eyes and talk to them in their own language. And we also need to empathize with each other and take care of ourselves, along the way. This takes a certain level of emotional intelligence, which is intrinsic to our success.